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Forum: Globalisation and the LGBT lobby

Globalization or should we say Westernization is one the greatest dangers threatening our Ummah today. The West believes in the superiority of its culture and the need to impose it on the entire world, an approach stemming from Marxism. One of the elite advisors of the ex-president of the US Barack Obama, by the name of Professor Samuel Huntington, highlights in his book, the obstacles to westernization. According to him, the problem of the western superpowers is not Islamic fundamentalism or extremism but rather Islam itself! The reason being that as Muslims, we believe that our deen and culture is superior to all others since it is divinely inspired. Therefore, by default, we will not remain silent when we see our brethren being influenced by the waves of western radicalization. As Muslims, it becomes our religious and moral duty to denounce and confront evil in all its forms.

Therefore, Islam is the new enemy and all means are justified to eradicate Islam and its adherents. It’s either convert or die and some Muslim majority countries caved in and were left unharmed while all those who resisted were bombarded mercilessly, e.g Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. In an attempt to discredit the aforementioned countries, the West went as far as to fabricate mass conspiracies of gigantic proportion to influence public opinion in favor of military interventions in those countries. This is what is often coined as the Clash of civilations, namely western civilization, and the Islamic civilization.

The Zionist control of the superpowers is undeniable. Know, brothers and sisters,  that our Prophet (saw) encouraged us to marry and have many children so that this Ummah can outnumber previous ummahs. But today, despite being a billion strong, we are being slain like cattle throughout the world because we have left the rope of Allah.

A crucial question that we should ask ourselves is this: Why is the LGBT movement throughout the world backed up so strongly by the Zionists and western powers? If we take recent happenings into context we will realize that it is nothing but a plot to weaken the Ummah by attacking the central unit: the family. The proliferation of LGBT tendencies among the Muslim community is slowly rising and the consequences are catastrophic. Without the sacred union of the men and women, we cannot procreate and sooner or later the Ummah will suffer the consequence of it as a whole. The LGBT movement is one of the decoys used in an attempt to weaken and eradicate our Ummah. Intense brainwashing has been done and is still being done through mass media and social media to try and convince the masses, especially Muslims, that everything is fine and Islamophobia is just another word invented by conspiracy theorists.

The reality, however, is something else.